Friday, November 23, 2007

Compare & Contrast.

It's been one year since the murder of Alexander Litvinenko most likely at the behest of the Russian government, Russia refuses to extradite the man suspected of the murder Andrei Lugovoi. One of the few acts of this government which I have welcomed was the refusal to let it lie. Russia has countered that Britain's stance is hypocritical on the grounds that we have refused to extradite Vladimir Putin's political opponents such as Boris Berezovsky, although the situations are quite obviously not comparable. However it is hard to sustain a defence of Britain's demands for suspected murderers to be extradited when our courts are pulling stunts like this:
A Belfast court has turned down an application for the extradition of Roisin McAliskey to Germany.

German authorities wanted her to face trial for the attempted murder of soldiers at a British army barracks in Osnabruck in northern Germany in 1996.

Ms McAliskey was arrested at her home in Coalisland last May and was on bail.

The Recorder of Belfast, Judge Burgess, refused the application on the basis that it "would be oppressive because of the passage of time".

It is hard to believe that the Judge's decision is based on anything more than political expediency seeing as there has never been a statue of limitation on attempted murder. How can Britain credibly demand that Mr Lugovoi be extradited when we refuse when our bent judges shield those suspected of trying to murder British soldiers?


James Higham said...

...that we have refused to extradite Vladimir Putin's political opponents such as Boris Berezovsky.

Really, Ross? Both crims but one also traitor to his country, having raped it of billions and now living, protected, in the west.

Ross said...

The way Berezovsky acquired his wealth was extremely dodgy, but that isn't why the Kremlin wants him extradited. There are plenty of other oligarchs whose wealth was gained in similar circumstances who are untroubled by the Russian state, it is only the ones who oppose Putin politically who are imprisoned or forced into exile.