Monday, November 12, 2007

Selling For Prophet.

When I read that the Malaysian car manufacturer is launching an 'islamic car' my first reaction was that it seemed like a scam. The special Islamic features, a Koran compartment and a device for locating the direction of Mecca do bear some passing similarity to the glove boxes and GPS systems that are now common in most new cars. This is cynical and Islamophobic and there is in fact a significant gap in the market for Islam centred products. Here is just a small collection from my new Islam friendly range.

  • Halal Cutlery Set £49.99. Ideal for eating halal related products and so much holier than infidel cutlery. Includes one knife and one fork.
  • Islamic Prayer Chair £419.99. Have you always wanted a chair that was so advanced that it could be turned in order to face Mecca at a moments notice? Well wait no longer, our advanced team of technicians have created just the thing.
  • Muslim Storage Unit $139.99. Top scientists at the Islamic University of Medina have worked for year to create a multipurpose device capable of storing Korans, Burkas and Islamic Cutlery. This is a limited time offer you must order now!!!

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