Monday, December 31, 2007

Least Worst Blogging Of The Year 2007- Part One.

A round up of what I consider my best posts of 2007, if you come back this time next year it will save actually reading the blog for the rest of the year:

  • Big Brother Gate. Effigy of Jade Goody gets burnt.
  • Robert Fisk confesses to bed wetting.
  • The Irish moan a lot.
  • I predicted the success of the Surge.
  • Rape conviction rates, one of my favourite posts as I explain statistically why the low conviction rates don't mean what the government assume they mean.
  • Liberal slavery, Johann Hari calls for the reintroduction of slavery.
  • Nutters & Liars, two posts about a strange group of Srebrenica deniers.
  • Enlightened Liberals In Action, left wing academic bloggers debate whether it is okay to respond to disagreements with asian women by racially abusing them.
  • Why the Olympics would be an economic disaster even if they met the budget limits.
  • The problem of 'Human Rights' as trump cards.

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