Friday, March 07, 2008

Eurofanatics Deploy The Chewbacca Defence.

I'm wondering, have the euro-fanatics now simply developed so much contempt for the electorate that they can't even be bothered to try to appear honest. I watched Question Time last night and watched veteran Liberal Democrat being caught out by David Davis when she claimed that the Lisbon Treaty was a minor and unimportant treaty with no constitutional significance and then five minutes later telling the audience that if the treaty was rejected it would mean Britain would have to leave the EU.

Amazingly Baroness Williams isn't even the most ludicrous proponent of the treaty, that honour goes to David Aaronovitch. The other day Peter Briffa mused on how magnificent it must be to be Aaronovitch:
It must be quite fantastic being David Aaronovitch. I mean, imagine waking up every morning, turning on the Today programme, and basically nodding in approval every five minutes at every new government initiative.
His attitude to the referendum is exactly the same as the government's, obviously, but his argument, if you can call it that, is even less coherent than theirs:
‘There’s been no referendum on our membership of NATO – a treaty organisation. Nor on immigration. Nor on the death penalty. Nor on the Act of Union in 1707. I haven’t had a chance to vote on that. Nor did my great-great-great-great-grandmother!’ Laughter and some angry heckles.

During questions from the floor Aaronovitch was roundly booed when he suggested that people didn’t want a referendum. ‘Oh OK, you lot do,’ he said. ‘But some people believe the Americans blew up the twin towers.’

Or as the lawyer told the jury "sure 600 witnesses saw my client climbing out of the window with a bag marked 'swag', but did you know that some people believe that Prince Phillip killed Diana?". Presumably Aaronovitch is a big South Park fan.

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