Sunday, March 16, 2008

Labour's Death Wish.

With the latest opinion polls indicating a 16 point lead for the Conservatives and Labour seemingly down to their core support of white, working class males in the North, what do Labour come up with? A plan to screw over white men:

White men could be legally blocked from jobs or promotions under controversial government plans to help women and black employees achieve equality.

Employers would be allowed to give jobs to qualified minority candidates in preference to other candidates under a change in discrimination law being drawn up by the Equalities Minister, Harriet Harman. The 'positive action' tactic, already used in the United States, has been a legal minefield in the UK and Harman's plans are likely to upset MPs who believe that merit alone should determine who is hired.

Brilliant, when Labour elected Harriet Harperson as their deputy leader it was obvious that it would end in tears. She may be able to push Labour's support below 20%.


The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

"She may be able to push Labour's support below 20%"

Regrettably I don't think so. Those already in public sector jobs, those receiving benefits and a fair proportion of the various favoured minorities will still vote for them. The Labour support base at around 30% is still sound. Also the brilliant Tory coup of saying that tax cuts would have to wait for their second term will damage Tory support.

Ross said...

You're probably correct, the payroll vote has been expanded massively over the last decade. Although if Harman's plan goes through I reckon that some of the white male public sector workers will abandon Labour.