Monday, March 17, 2008

We The Undersigned....

.... are pompous wankers whose self regard is not shared by anyone else. I suppose what gets me about these group letters is the sense of being lectured to by those who have demonstrated no particular reason why there opinion is of special importance. Without even looking at the subject of this letter it would be hard to see what credibility any of the signatories would have on any subject whatsoever, take a look at some of signatories before reading the letter and try and guess what the letter is about, and why these people are authorities on the subject:
Franz Ferdinand
Will Self
Peter Doherty
Tony Robinson
The Bluetones
Billy Bragg
Diane Abbott MP
Jon Cruddas MP
George Galloway MP
David Kelly, ex-Newcastle Utd, West Ham Utd and Republic of Ireland international
John McDonnell MP
Bob Crow, general secretary, RMT
Pete Doherty!!! Who is supposed to be called to action by the considered opinion of a cokehead?

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