Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why Actors Are Stupid.

I see that the recent 'Best Actress' winner Oscar winner Marion Cotillard has outed herself as a truther. She's hardly the first thespian to be revealed as a halfwit and she won't be the last. In most lines of work being dumb is a severe handicap to one's job performance but the interesting thing about luvvies is that it is often very good ones who are short of a few braincells, as well as Cotillard the list of actors and actresses who are attracted to idiocies like far left politics or Scientology is vast, Tom Cruise, Sean Penn and Gwyneth Paltrow are all very successful at what they do but an interview with any of them is enough to confirm that they are utter airheads.

My belief is that the lack of intelligence is what makes them good at their job, credulousness is part of their job. I'm not being facetious but I honestly think that some of them are good at letting directors mould their on screen personalities because they are highly suggestible. If they were highly intelligent they couldn't act.

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