Friday, May 02, 2008

Congratulations London.

It looks like Londoners have finally kicked out the IRA supporting, Islamist loving, race baiting sleazeball that is Ken Livingstone and installed Boris Johnson, whom I suspect will confound those sceptical about his competence.

This caps a fantastic night for the Conservatives and David Cameron deserves a lot of the credit for that, but there is one thing that isn't being mentioned much today. Of course if he had got his way late last year and given Greg Dyke, the Liberal Democrat supporting ex beeboid, a free run then his party would have been thrown away the biggest prize of the night. Perhaps he should show more faith in members of his own party.


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps he should show more faith in members of his own party."

Seconded! Let's hope he has the courage to be 'hands off' with the Mayor, or the whispering campaign against him will be a persistant thorn in Boris's side.

Ross said...

Yeah, the talk in some circles of smothering Boris Johnson with 'minders' would be counter productive.