Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ill Treatment Of Julie Bindel's Imaginary Friends Demonstrates The Oppression Of The Sisterhood

It's not often that I agree with Julie Bindel but her heartfelt article on the problems faced by female prisoners has really touched a nerve. Admittedly the reasons she gives don't appear to be uniquely applicable to women at first glance but it isn't like Ms Bindel to play something up as an example of womyn's victimhood is it?

However she has persuaded me that this situation has to be remedied so from now on I will campaign against the practice of releasing female inmates from prison which appears to cause so much hardship.

Update: Sorry I should have referred to "the problems faced by fictional female prisoners"


Anonymous said...

"Where is the care package for women such as those portrayed through the characters in This Wide Night? "

She's absolutely barking!

She comments above on hearing about the care package for Barry George following his release - is she seriously saying that if it'd been Brenda George, no care package would be forthcoming from the authorities...?

DJ said...

Liberals are continually foxed by the whole guilty/innocent distinction.

naldo said...

I read that Bindel post and made several comments, all of which were deleted.

152 comments in 4 hours, at least 20 removed, and many more were completely 'disappeared'. Now the thread is closed down.

The Guardian is now a total fucking joke.

Ross said...

naldo, the mass deletion of comments when a contributer is being taken apart is quite common despite the name "Comment is Free"

Anonymous said...

"The Guardian is now a total fucking joke."

No, it always was. It's just that now, it's obvious for all to see.

There's some reference made to her making a comment that could be construed as impugning Barry George's innocence (which I wouldn't put beyond the daft mare).

Hopefully, his lawyers will get in touch with the Guardian forthwith and relieve if of some of its 'Auto Trader' profits.. ;)

Ross said...

You'd hope so, but it would probably be a bigger stain on someone's reputation if Bindel thought they were innocent.

I'm fairly sure that it isn't the first time she's tried implying that someone who has been acquitted is innocent.

John M Ward said...

For Trades Description purposes, the Grauniad really ought to rename that facility: "Comment is Fre-
quently censored".