Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Values.

Social Workers fear media frenzy will damage Alfie's family.
Yeah because the family was doing so well up until the media took notice.

Update: See what I mean, Alfie goes for a walk and demonstrates his class:


Anonymous said...

Surely it's about time Paddy Power opened a book on 'who's the daddy' here- little Alfie or the other 2 toerags who are claiming paternity (and their right to 15 minutes of fame -and resultant media dosh!) ?

Ross said...

According to some of the papers there are at least six other boys who claim to have slept with her. I suppose though if turns out that it is a 15 who is the father then it's less newsworthy and less lucrative.

Anonymous said...

That image looks very photoshopped to me.

Ross said...

It's from The Sun so I don't know how much that says for its veracity.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't be sure but

1. The lines of text don't line up with the waist seam.
2. It's a loose top yet not a single character is folded to face away from the camera.
3. The text stands out a little too much from the background.

Now there is a potential innocent explanation for any of these and ultimately I'm not sure. I'd like to think the Sun wouldn't publish a manufactured picture but they all published the picture of the stranded Polar Bear that illustrated global warming!