Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quote Of The Day.

Have you been wondering what the connection is between swine flu, plane crashes and innaccurate seasonal weather forecasts? Well wonder no more, under the comments to this story one reader says what we've all been thinking:

Call me paranoid but I got the distinct impression that we were being persuaded into not travelling abroad this year. The unprecedented number of aircraft accidents or problems, combined with the swine flu and other scares, it is as though we were not advised to fly.


Sue said...

It does make you wonder, doesn't it? The met office always do it though and the British always fall for it..

JuliaM said...

Do the patently looney commenters at the 'Fail' counter out those patently looney ones at the 'Grauniad', I wonder...?

James Higham said...

There is a distinct move, a slow move, to restrict mobility and monitor it more. It just stands to reason.

Ross said...

Sue- It does make me wonder..... about the sort of madmen with access to a computer.

Julia- It's a different kind of insanity. Apples versus oranges.

Matthew said...

What with the 'birthers, this and various others (admittedly mostly going not much further than the Speccie) is it far to say the conspiracy theory is moving from being an (ultra) left-wing thing to that of the right?

I suppose it moves with the electoral cycle.