Thursday, September 28, 2006

Left Wing Logic.

Felicity Heywood in the Guardian on Black History Month:
But even though its original remit - to give children of African descent a new pride through discovering their heritage and past achievements - remains unfulfilled, moves are afoot which could threaten the project's future.
Does it not occur to her to replace "even though" with "because"?

It seems likely that Heywood works in the public sector with that attitude. The fact that Black History Month has been going for two decades and is a failiure even on the terms of its organisers seems like a bloody good reason to threaten the projects future.


JohnM said...

Curious isn't it?

The supposed solution to black kids feeling inferior is to constantly remind them it's always been this way.

This is archetypical socialist thinking: if a policy has no effect, then the solution is not change policy, but to redouble efforts.

Ross F said...

Yes, it's a particularly popular belief amoung those who recieve money for implementing the failed policy.