Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Website Of The Day.

Councillor Terry Kelly of the Scottish Labour Party has a blog. So how does an authentic voice of the Labour Party sound when unfiltered by several layers of spin? Very much like an unreconstructed Stalinist with the economic literacy of Robert Mugabe, the commitment to free speech of Kim Jong Il and the social graces of those baboons that throw their faeces at visitors.

Terry on Milton Friedman:
I think that if the Chilean people thought about him at all, it would only be to wish him a lingering, miserable painful end. Big business and vast profits always came first and people came second with this monetary hoodlum, he was an evil man,

Terry on the USA:
there should be no problem in distancing ourselves from the decision to execute Saddam. Capital Punishment is barbaric and uncivilised, that's why it's so popular in backward societies like the USA
Terry on Israel:
if America pulled the plug today there would be no Israel tomorrow and it would be a good thing
This doesn't quite capture the essence of Mr Kelly though, most of his posts are devoted to "rightwing nutters" who have suggested in his comment box that Communism was bad or that Israel is not the fount of all evil. Most of his critics get banned. However before they do some quite interesting exchanges occur in the comments where he rails against "the cesspit that is the USA" some more "I set out to show Capitalist America in it's true light. That obviously upsets you, good ?". Before boasting of his own "towering intelect" compared to his opponents.

Via Right for Scotland

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