Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vicar Fight!

This piece by a Church of England vicar, Nick Howard* on his fellow vicar- the brazenly antisemitic Stephen Sizer- is well worth reading. It seems extraordinary that Sizer is allowed to remain in his position when he is promoting racial hatred.

Especially at a time when the head of the Church is droning on about  bankers and speculators- which is perfectly legitimate but anyone with any sense of history knows that those professions have often been used as euphemisms for "Jews".

Maintaining an actual neo-Nazi in a job while making those kinds of attacks is very unwise in my view.

* Is that Michael Howard's vicar son?


Anonymous said...

Nick Howard is not a Church of England Vicar. He works for a different non-denominational group. He holds a degree in Theology from Durham University. Stephen Sizer insists that he is not an antisemite, yet mixes with Holocaust deniers and terrorist supporters. Sizer has labelled Israeli Messianic Jews 'an abomination'.

Ross said...

Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

Nick Howard was ordained by an Anglican bishop at Truro Church, Virginia, USA in 2010. That makes him an 'ordained Anglican' rather than a C of E vicar, but the difference isn't hugely significant. The Church of England Newspaper, a good authority on these things, has referred to him as The Rev Nick Howard.