Saturday, April 28, 2012

Footballers- A Bit Sleazy

One of the problems with rape cases is that it is usually one person's word against another's- which ought to be  insufficient for a conviction. In the case of someone who is too drunk to consent then there is the added problem that the alleged victim's evidence is inherently flawed.

Unless of course the perpetrators are thick and arrogant enough to film themselves- like recently jailed footballer Ched Evans whose friend and brother filmed him having sex with a girl too drunk to consent (if he loves group sex that much he's going to love prison).

The victim's (who was irresponsible for getting herself paralytically drunk and alone on a night out) version of events does seem similar to other cases involving footballers, extremely drunk women and group sex where no convictions have been made. I'm not saying they're all guilty but there does seem to be a certain culture involved in the game.


Macheath said...

The common factor is a feeding frenzy; there is so much competition for the (dubious) attentions of footballers that inhibitions are completely suppressed.

An article I once read about WAGs memorably described players' girlfriends risking urinary tract infections because they did not dare vist the lavatory in clubs or bars; if they did, they were likely to find on returning that their partners were entangled - or worse, had already left with - one of the crowd of women hanging around waiting for just such an opportunity.

I'm sure there's a complicated psychological term for it, but it seems to me that this highly unpleasant business has much to do with the desire to secure something other women want, whatever the cost. Combine it with an abdication of personal responsibility on the part of the men - or over-indulged immature thugs - involved and you have a recipe for diaster.

Ross said...

I'm not sure footballers are as desirable to women as they're made out to be.The stars are, but if the likes of Championship players like Ched Evans are so wanted by women throwing themselves at their feet why do they rush round at 4:00 in the morning when a friend picks up a girl who can barely stand?

James Higham said...

Darwin at work here?