Thursday, May 31, 2012

60 Years.

The Queen's diamond jubilee seems likely to make the Olympics only the second most hyped event of 2012 (the Mayan Apocalypse is third). Seeing a documentary on ITV which the narrator began with something like "The Thames flows through London much like affection for the Queen flows through the nation" was the last straw, the coverage has become so nauseating and sycophantic that the North Koreans are laughing at us. No doubt the Queen has done a pretty decent job, one which we will appreciate all the more when Charles III takes the throne but basically her achievement in reigning for 60 years just means that she's lived a long time. Still- extra bank holiday!


banned said...

I'm happy not having to put up with the BBCs 'nauseating sycophancy' but I like Liz and believe that she deserves a Thank You from those of the nation (and Commonwealth & eleswhere) who think likewise.

My own city Council has done diddly squat to celebrate but the secondary 'high street' near to where I live has responded marvelously with almost every single one of the hundred or so independent retail outlets sporting a brand new Union Flag fluttering from the sconces which usually hold Christmas trees.
(Another secondary shopping street is making do with England flags remaindered from some previous celebration).

benning said...

I like your Queen, and shudder to think what will become of Britain should Chuck actually ascend to the throne. He's become a Pythonesque Village Idiot!

Also, Liz was an extremely hot young woman! rrrroOOOowrr!