Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Does anyone else think this is hysterical bollocks?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, I do.

Bad things indisputably happen, and there are criminals who ought to be apprehended. Maybe to a certain extent you can educate people to help them reduce the chances of becoming a victim. Now, if it is true that some young girls like noshing off rows of boys in order to become accepted as part of a gang, well, that's their look out, I'm not sure what the government can do about it.

But the UK is not descending into an orgy of mass rape, is it?

JuliaM said...

*raises hand*

Yes, I don't doubt it's true, but it's solely a product of gang culture, and so affects a tiny (albeit growing) minority.

Little Lucinda and Jemima need have nothing to dear.

A K Haart said...

It is hysterical bollocks. No doubt there's some draconian control measure behind it.

We'll find out in September when her "report" comes out.

James Higham said...

With Julia on this one.

Mr Grumpy said...

"every single community - white, Pakistani, Afghan, Gypsy and Romany travellers, you name it"

No, please, you do the naming, Ms Berelowitz - it's just so revealing.

She gives the game away there, but she's clearly trying to throw up a smokescreen of the same variety as the "anyone who has sex could get AIDS" campaigns of the Eighties. Now with the very specific aim of preparing us for the possibility of guilty verdicts in the Oxford abuse case. Just because even Baroness Warsi has called a spade a spade doesn't mean the multiculturalist establishment is going to give up without a fight.

Ross said...

Mr GRumpy that's what I though as well.

Trying to take a real but minute problem and claim instead of being confined to a particular sub culture it is endemic in mainstream society.