Friday, November 30, 2012

Technical Help Please

Sorry been busy lately.

Could anyone help me with the following pieces of technology.


I want a new printer as I currently have a crappy Epsom Stylus that breaks down frequently, especially when it has generic non-Epsom ink and the ink costs a fortune. So what printers are reliable and aren't rip offs in terms of ink costs? It cannot be an Epsom as they are shit and make cheap printers with the intention of ripping off customers with extortionate ink costs.

Mobile Phone:

I have an HTC phone and the memory has been playing up for months, so most of the Apps have had to be removed. How do I change this, does it happen with all phones and get the phone working properly again?

Sat Navs:

Need a new one. Any recommendations on what is good. I need it before Monday so any comments before Sunday afternoon will be appreciated.


Pavlov's Cat said...

I was always a poo-pooer of ~Sat Nav

But I have the Tom Tom Via 125
with HD traffic

The GUI isn't great , but the HD traffic and the route replanning to show faster routes has come in handy many times.

JuliaM said...

On printers, I've always used Dell. They seem reliable, but yes, the ink costs are astronomical :(

On phones, never had a problem as I'm on contract, so don't have a phone for long enough for issues to occur. If you are normally PAYG, give contract a try?

Love TomTom! Hardly ever use it, but when I do, it's never let me down.

selsey.steve said...

I have always used HP printers, they seldom play up. Original HP ink cartridges are expensive so I have used re-manufactured cartridges from Printerinks which are half the price. Their service is excellent and if you get a faulty cartridge they replace it very quickly.

opsimath said...

Hi - I can't make any recommendations about 'phones or satnavs - my 'phone is a Nokia 100 and does all I ask of it - not very much! I don't have a satnav at all as I don't drive any more, but - on printers, I have found Brother Laser printers reliable, cheap to run and rugged.

They also run on Linux like a dream! Take a look at the HL-2030 series.

Ross said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I've bought a Tom Tom today and will check out the printers that were recommended.

Laban said...

Garmin Nuvi 40 was £85 at Halfords when I bought it - now £69 pretty much everywhere. But check it comes with European maps - great for holidays and IMHO worth a tenner more. Tells you when you're busting the speed limit, too - useful in Europe. You get one free online map update (takes ages to download).

Printer - the issue is that cartridges these days are 'chipped' and you can't just refill them. I use an ancient Canon i320 which takes unchipped cartridges, and replace the print head every few years.

I'm thinking of trying a printer with a Continuous Ink System, you can get them to fit to some Canon Pixmas. In which case you just put more ink in the tank. But research these carefully.

Laban said...

If you're happy with B&W printing a laser might be your best bet.

seekingjusticeuk said...

Regarding printer and ink refills - this company ROCKS - been using them now for 10 years no probs!

Great special offers too!

TDK said...

I had an HTC. It was good at first and then got really slow. Do a backup and then a system reset and restore from the backup.

That use to solve the problem for me at least in the short term. In addition I set it to save as little data as possible. So make sure you delete any cached emails and internet pages. Looking in folders other than the inbox is verboten. As are games that require saves.

iPhone was better but that has different niggles. They all go wrong in the end!

SadButMadLad said...

With regards printer, look into laser printers. They're a bit more expensive than ink jet, but then they're not sold as such big loss leaders. Toners can be quite expensive as a one off cost, but they do last a long time. And always bear in mind that either jet or laser, the ink/toner supplied is not a full amount. Over the printer's life lasers will be cheaper.

Satnav/Phone. Get a new phone and buy the TomTom s/w for Android. Two for the price of one (nearly).

Anonymous said...

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James Higham said...

Just realized I have nine of those - am I behind the times?

Anonymous said...

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