Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Was Labour 1997-2010 The Worst Government Ever?

Over on the Telegraph blogs Sean Thomas outlines the case and it is hard to argue with.

I suppose worst ever might be pushing it- the governments that presided over the Irish potato famine or appeasement might be worse- but Blair and Brown surely led the most incompetent administrations in British post war history.

It's not that other governments didn't do worse in particular areas than Labour in this era- it's that there was full spectrum failure in pretty much every department- the economy, defence, foreign policy, education, welfare, immigration, race relations, inequality and health care were all disaster areas when Labour left office.

Can anyone think of any substantive successes associated with the last government>


Umbongo said...

Just to be fair, I'd ask the question: was the Opposition 1997-2010 the worst ever? After all, despite the Blair/Brown administration possibly being the worst government ever, against the "modern progressive Conservatives" (© Francis Maude) Labour very nearly got re-elected.

Ross said...

True- I don't think the Conservatives could have done much to win in 2001 but if they had gone for a more coherent approach they could have been in contention by 2005.

The Australian Liberals are a case in point- they suffered a wipe out in 2007 went through a couple of Cameronesque leaders and got nowhere but then settled on Tony Abbott who was supposedly unelectable but was confident and didn't trash his own side.

Anonymous said...

There have been five-and-a-half periods of Labour government since 1923.

Ramsay MacDonald’s nine-month 1924 minority Labour administration is the half, it scarcely counts.

Of the five following governments, including the long Blair-Brown administration, four left office amid major economic and financial catastrophe.

Just for the record, Blair-Brown inc are included in the four.

DerekP said...

"...any substantive successes associated with the last government"?

Tony Blair's bank balance?

James Higham said...

Neck and neck and imagine the MIllipede govt.

L fairfax said...

"...any substantive successes associated with the last government"?
They were very good at spinning.

Ross said...

"Tony Blair's bank balance?"

Ha ha. Yes.

"They were very good at spinning."

At first they were, but eventually no one trusted them.