Sunday, December 01, 2013

Quote Of The Day/Year/Century

Why don't people take the identity politics brigade seriously?

So what message does Movember convey to those whose moustaches are more-or-less permanent features? With large numbers of minority-ethnic men—for instance Kurds, Indians, Mexicans—sporting moustaches as a cultural or religious signifier, Movember reinforces the “othering” of “foreigners” by the generally clean-shaven, white majority. Imagine a charity event that required its participants to wear dreadlocks or a sari for one month to raise funds—it would rightly be seen as unforgivably racist. What is the difference here?
You really have to read the whole article to get the full effect of the article.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, made my day.

Anonymous said...

What utter utter drivel

Edwin Greenwood said...


Like many commenters BTL at the Staggers, I'm still not entirely convinced that this is not a parody. Then again it is not the traditional season for spoof articles and these Arschlöcher are not known for their sense of humour.

Oh dear! As a White man permanently equipped with a full beard with the entailed moustache, I am now deeply concerned that I may have inadvertently mortally offended ethnic sensibilities.

I shall go into hiding forthwith.

Ross said...

You racist oppressor!

James Higham said...

I went the goatee route.