Monday, July 21, 2014

Moscow's Wikiwar

An obscure Wikipedia article about a type of fighter jet has been the subject of an edit war today. Why? Because it is about a "Sukhoi Su-25", and Russia's latest propaganda claim is that a Ukrainian SU-25 was detected near the downed Malaysian flight MH17.

The problem is that the Su-25 can only fly up to 23000 feet- which is far too low to have been intercepting the passenger plane that was flying at 33000 feet. So once the physical impossibility of the Kremlin's claim was pointed out, the Putinbots began to frantically edit Wikipedia like an army of Johann Haris.

If it weren't about the slaughter of 300 civilians the amateurishness of Putin's lies would be comical.


James Higham said...

Footage here of both the missile installation build up on Ukrainian soil and the plane nearby MH-17.

No need for a "claim". See for yourself.

Ross said...

All I can see is a screengrab of two aircraft heading in opposite directions- despite the fact that the SU25 can't go within 10000 feet of the Boeing, even if the footage actually is from the day of the flight.