Thursday, October 12, 2006

Boris Johnson- Working Class Hero.

Reading the Daily Telegraph's sport section today I came across this paragraph:
Perry's rise to prominence is 'Tough of the Track' stuff. He was chugging along for his local club, Dudley Kingswinford, who are now in Midlands League One, welding by day and training by night. His lifestyle was that of working-class blokes in their early twenties, more Boris Johnson than Jamie Oliver.
Whilst I don't keep up to date with the class structure (it's best left to Marxists and snobs), I'm fairly certain that Boris Johnson isn't the ideal exemplar of the working class. Even in his culinary habits.


dearieme said...

On the other hand, when my daughter met him, he was drunk.

Ross F said...

Given the way that he behaves when sober, I'm wondering how anyone could tell if he was alcohol impaired.

Praguetory said...

"Welding by day, training by night." It's Pure Boris, don't you know.