Friday, September 28, 2007

A Prediction.

We won't see a General Election this year, despite the speculation and Labour's strong showing in the polls because:
  • Gordon Brown is a bottler, look at the way he held off ousting Blair for years.
  • Labour have three years with a good majority to run, why imperil it for very little in return?
  • If Labour don't increase their majority the decision will make Brown look foolish and leave Labour MPs resentful towards him.
  • Labour voters are disproportionately lazy and feckless (come on you know it's true) , so holding an election in November when bad weather and bad light makes it a chore to go to the polling station will depress their vote.
I will come back to this post if I'm proved right in January 2008, if I'm wrong it shall of course be consigned to the memory hole.

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