Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The So Called 'Christmas Father'

Hate preacher Omar Bakri, who is barred from Britain, is calling on Brits to boycott Christmas.

Using the internet to post a rant against the festive season, Bakri claims Christmas should be "completely forbidden".

In another chilling post the radical cleric said Christmas Day would be the perfect day to launch a terror attack on the UK.
He hasn't thought this through, Christmas Day would be a crap day for a terrorist attack, because the streets are empty, everyone is at home and apart from the odd pub there aren't many large public gatherings of people to target. Sheesh for an evil genius, he's pretty dumb.
He said: "To have Christmas tree, visit so-called Christmas Father - that is completely forbidden.
Down with Christmas Father!
"Make sure you do not watch TV.
Don't worry, the controllers of ITV and the BBC channels have already ensured that.
Do not let them hear jingle bells. Do not send your children on Christmas trip."
Despite this all those shopping centre managers who rejected his applications to be Santa in their Christmas grottoes were still guilty of islamophobia.


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