Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Organic Vegetables & Dancing,

With the retirement of Fidel Castro it's time to consider the age old question, what is the best part about living under a bloodthirsty and repressive dictator? It could be the dancing as Craig David suggests:
"I had lots of misconceptions about it being a communist country and all that. It's true that they're not as privy as we are with inventions, food and so on. But they make up for it with incredible dancing."
Or it could be the organic gardening the BBC presenter Monty Don argues, as the Castro Solidarity Campaign puts it:
Monty Don, one of the main presenters of BBC television’s Gardeners World, had nothing but praise for Cuba’s organiponicos.

The gardening-guru filmed in Havana for his new series ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’, recently aired on BBC2.

Speaking about Cuba’s example for an online interview this month, he said: “Climate change will force us to be far more radical about our food production….The organiponicos of Cuba are a positive, heartening solution.”
Incidentally Monty Don elsewhere demands that everyone start buying local produce in order to save the environment yet sees nothing wrong with flying himself around the world to look at plants!


JuliaM said...

"....yet sees nothing wrong with flying himself around the world to look at plants!"

Correction: "...yet sees nothing wrong with using BBC license money in flying around the world to look at plants!"

Blognor Regis said...

Didn't Mike Gatting get into some bother from the hysterical community after talking about the good burghers of Soweto and their prepensity for dancing? Why did he get into trouble and Craig David hasn't I wonder? I'm just confused.

dearieme said...

"not as privy as we are...": does he also write in English, this chappie?