Sunday, August 17, 2008

Putin, Genius Or Moron?

In some quarters Putin's invasion of Georgia and the lack of serious resistance he has face proves that he is some kind of genius, but I think there is a stronger case for arguing that he is the same bumbling moron who screwed up the Kursk rescue, the Beslan siege and the attempted murder of Victor Yuschenko.

Yes Russia now looks to have brought two Georgian provinces into Russian control but at the cost of driving Ukraine into the Western camp and earning his country near universal contempt in the civilised world. The word for someone who would trade the Ukraine for two tiny provinces plus the uncritical love of the far left is not 'genius'.


Umbongo said...

Neither - more an idiot savant

Ross said...

That's probably a fair description.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine being driven to the western camp? I hardly think so. Even now President Viktor Yushchenko is having Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko investigated for "high treason" because she refuses to drink the anti-Russian kool-aid, even disapproving openly of his policy to violate the agreement with the Russians over the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol - it so happens that she has a shot at winning the next presidential election, unlike the discredited Yushchenko, whose approval ratings are in the toilet.

Why, even his "Putin poisoned me" story has been discredited - a former ally admitted it was a hoax so now he accuses that former ally, David Zhvania, of the poisoning and wants him deported to Georgia!

I suppose all Yushchenko has left is his service to Dick Cheney and the worst in the American government so he is playing that role to the hilt...

As for Poland, the only change here is that the U.S. decided to give Poland the anti-aircraft systems they demanded - a "consequence", I presume for Russia - and the Russian general thanked Poland for making it clear the real strategic purpose of these missile systems, and that Iran has nothing to do with it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tough call.

Why not have a ?

fun online poll to settle the matter once and for all?