Thursday, September 22, 2011

Think Of The Children

 Child cage fight organisers will not face police action

I suspect that calls for prosecution are because mixed martial arts is a relatively new discipline rather than because of the inherent dangers posed given that the same publications that condemn it are happy to give space to promote youth boxing, which also has the potential to cause real damage.


Anonymous said...

TI think this was with eight year olds who were said to have given consent. But what sort of consent when their activity puts cash in nthe pockets of adults around them.
Many many years ago as a child we were enticed to box because 'it would make men of us'. there is always a glib excuse.

banned said...

Despite the police saying there is no case to answer the big wigs at the local authority are steppong in on the grounds that the clubs license does not allow children under a certain age. Like they wanted a local authority license in the first place.