Monday, October 15, 2012

Top Ten Non Winners Of The Nobel Peace Prize

  1. The United States Military. Has used it's hegemonic status over the last 65 years to give an unprecedented level of national security to countries throughout the world, especially in Europe. Is also a major provider of international aid during disasters.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi- pretty ,much pioneered the principle of non violent resistance to oppression. He didn't get a prize, but Yasser Arafat did.
  3. The Manhattan Project: Nuclear weapons have pretty much made full scale war between great powers unthinkable.
  4. Mobile phone companies: have massively advanced development throughout Africa by allowing communication that does not rely on government infrastructure.
  5. Winston Churchill- the disarmament campaigners of the 1930s received many prizes even though their policies led to war. The rearmament campaigners are never described as peace campaigns though.
  6. Pharmaceutical companies- have taken the lead in eliminating and reducing the impact of so many devastating diseases.
  7. Paul Kagame- Rwanda's president. Very autocratic but did end the Rwanda genocide by leading a counter attack against the Hutu militias.
  8. Konrad Adenaeur- Germany's first post war leader who took over a country responsible for some of the worst atrocities in history and led it to being a model global citizen.
  9. Television:- makes excessive brutality much harder to hush up which has to contribute to peace.
  10. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee- although they probably will do soon.


Anonymous said...

President Uribe of Colombia and some other politicians there also could have had it. The murder rate has dropped a lot there.

Ross said...

That's a good call.

James Higham said...

N6 - not so sure here. They've also been up to naughty things, e.g. Eli Lilly and Sandos.