Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dead Terrorist Still Dead.

I see that an investigation into the murder of Pat Finucane has found that he was murdered on the encouragement of someone within the security forces.

If so that is terribly wrong but it does not change the facts that Pat Finucane was not a "human rights lawyer", he was a member of the IRA and was therefore a supporter of murdering people. If he was killed by the flames he fanned that is not a tragedy.

Most of his family seem to have been in the IRA as well, so it is hard to take the portrayal of them as brave fighters for justice very seriously.


Umbongo said...

David Cameron was professionally appalled by the circumstances of the execution of this enabler of terrorism and murder. The BBC quotes Cameron here saying that "on behalf of the whole country, let me say to the Finucane family, I am deeply sorry". I should add that Cameron is taking liberties here (not a unique experience).

Contrary to the PM, I'm not at all sorry that this piece of shit was flushed to his Maker. I'm only sorry that more of his comrades - including those now in government in Northern Ireland - didn't accompany him.

Also on the BBC website we are informed that, "the chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Matt Baggott . . . offered a "complete, absolute and unconditional" apology to the Finucane family, saying they had been "abjectly failed". Unfortunately he also failed to add the rider "but good riddance all the same".

I note that de Silva - in his summing up - warns that this enquiry, by its very nature, concentrates on the activities of the British state. Accordingly, it shouldn't be forgotten that "PIRA was the single greatest source of violence during this period".

For the rest of us - and maybe for your good self, Ross - the passing of this scum was an occasion for a quiet celebratory drink in 1989. Furthermore, despite the background to Finucane's death revealed by this inquiry, a quiet "thank you" should be given to the many brave soldiers and policemen who were fighting and dying in Northern Ireland on our behalf against the filth exemplified by Finucane and many of his relatives.

Ross said...

Well David Cameron certainly didn't speak for me when he made his apology.

Chris said...

Pat Finucane was to human rights what Bobby Sands was to nutritional science.

Sorry, but you fly with the crows you get shot with the crows.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are usually happy to appoligise for someone else's actions but never their own.
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Anonymous said...

It would be nice for the Sinn Fein lot to do simlar enquiries and name who carried out the atrocities on their behalf.
But we all know that.

Will the Prime Minister apologise on my behalf for daring to suggest it?

Anonymous said...

The old saying "went with, caught with, hanged with"