Thursday, December 20, 2012


It looks like the evidence for Andrew Mitchell's supposed tirade against the police was made up. A major injustice has been done to him but there is another aspect to consider.

If the police are willing to frame a cabinet minister and make up witnesses, even when it is a 100% certainty that there will be CCTV footage that contradicts them then what do you think they do with people without the resources to fight back, who com into contact with the police in areas not covered with cameras?


Anonymous said...

No the "evidence" has not been made up, Mr Mitchell admitted as much. What was made up was the "3rd party" who emailed his MP when not actually there. That is not "evidence" but someone trying to stir up a minor matter of public order for his own gain and it will be interesting to see who that is. The second arrest was for a person who is NOT a police officer and it seems that the MP who bought this up in the house was Mr Mitchell's deputy..

banned said...

Wot the Police themselves call "the verbals" ie made up statements from the accused.