Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Sex Gang.

Yet another "Asian" gang has been convicted of grooming and raping white girls. Most people outside Guardian towers now accept that political correctness and fear of being branded racist played a part in the decision to abandon the victims to the crimes. Personally I wonder whether the police would have let Asian paedophile gangs run wild before they were MacPhersoned. Two other points are worth making. Among a subset of British Pakistani men there is a deeply unpleasant attitude to women and to non-Pakistanis. I do not wish to imply that all British Asians are like this- no doubt Nazir Afzal, the prosecutor who did so much to expose these cases is far more typical of British Asian men than the convicted child molesters. However it is clear that a significant minority do basically look on white females as slags. The other cultural issue is among the majority population, that is to say white British people. How have we got to a situation where in such a varied array of towns- Oxford, Rochdale, Derby... there are significant numbers of young children who are wondering the streets on their own without any adult care? Perhaps family breakdown plays a part, although I've heard from someone who works with the CPS that in the Derby case at least, the parents of some of the girls had tried desperately to stop their daughters going out at all hours of the day and night but were powerless to do anything.

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James Higham said...

We just have to keep publicizing it - I'll link to this now.