Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mentally Ill Let Progressives Down.

Very good news to see that the suicide rate has fallen. I can only hope this becomes a trend.

 Of course it is a bit surprising, because as a regular Guardian reader I was under the impression that the government was driving people to kill themselves with cuts. For example this piece quotes irresponsible demagogues impartial experts about the impact of cuts warning that they will hurt the vulnerable. Which is why the very generous welfare states of Scandinavia have such low..... oh never mind.

Other hand wringing articles warn of the:
Or ask:
The Independent's Owen "the people's tribune whether they like it or not" Jones inevitably jumped on the ghoulish bandwagon:
But even as mental distress and the risk of suicide soar because of austerity, the support is being slashed back.
In fact this kind of voyeuristic exploitation of desperate people who had ended their lives has been very widespread on the left. There was even a website "Calum's List" devoted to them as detailed by Brendan O'Neill here.

No doubt all these people will now be revising their opinions in the face of new evidence....



A K Haart said...

"revising their opinions in the face of new evidence...."

Oh you cynic. They would have dropped the climate change mantra when global temperatures went flat, but at the last minute they found the excess heat is hiding.

So maybe the excess suicides are hiding too.

James Higham said...

Owen "the people's tribune whether they like it or not" Jones