Thursday, February 27, 2014

So How's That Reset Coming Along?

I'm beginning to suspect that the "reset " the Obama administration offered to Putin in 2009 might not be going so well. In this Obama's delusion was that the poor relations between Russia and the USA was due to something Bush had done because he looks at the world entirely through the prism of US domestic politics.

The real cause is that the Putin's Russia seems unable to have civil relations as equals with it's neighbours and instead tries to dominate, intimidate and control them. The USA is not unusual in being targeted by Russia, even neutral Sweden gets the threatening treatment.

It is the geo-political equivalent of the retarded kid whose been held back a couple of years and can't socialise with his class mates but can beat them up. Although even an actual retarded kid would be hard pressed to have handled the Ukrainian situation less effectively than Putin.


JohnM said...

Curious really, because the whole progressive world view is based upon narcissism: "they" react to "us". They don't have interests and designs of their own; terrorism is down to us, rogue states are down to us. Putin is the latest leader to react to a half century of Cold War Politics

I can't think of an agenda that could be more domestically focused.

Ross said...

To a great extent it is. It's like when American presidents get blamed for what North Korea does, even when they do the same thing regardless of the approach taken by the USA.

James Higham said...

So glad Obama, the CIA and the EU have come out of this so badly.