Sunday, July 09, 2006

Idiot Found Via The Internet.

I realise that finding an idiot in a newspaper letters page is not difficult, but this letter to Australia's Sunday Age (found via 'percypup' in the comments of Tim Blair's blog) is a wonderful example of the sheer ignorance of the reflexive anti American, not anti-Bush but anti-American, mindset.
AMID all the huffing and puffing over North Korea letting off a few rockets that didn't work very well and the end of civilisation as we know it, let us

consider a few points. Has North Korea recently invaded a country on the other side of the world on trumped-up evidence? No? Does it run international "snatch squads" that roam the world kidnapping people who they then hold incommunicado while they are interrogated under torture? No? Let us have no more humbug and concern ourselves with the real rogue nations.
Gerard R. McEwen, Glandore, SA

Gerard R. McEwan is evidently unaware of the hundreds of Japanese and South Koreans that the DPRK abducted and holds to this day but is quite happy to bemoan the sufferings imposed on terrorism suspects by a "real rogue nation". Real abduction and torture isn't nearly as important as the supposed short comings of AmeriKKKa to these idiots.


Gerard R McEwen said...

I’m astounded that “Ross F” seems to know so much about me, except for my many American friends and relatives (most of whom are domiciled in the United States of America) and my love of U.S. culture.

I would also point out that I am well aware of the past wrongdoings of North Korea. I suggest that “Ross F” refer to my use of the word “does” (present tense) in regard to the use of kidnapping by the North Korean government.

As to comments about the treatment of the victims of the U.S. policy of rendition I refer “Ross F” (I wonder what the “F” stands for?) to the case of Canadian citizen Maher Arar who the U.S. abducted from Kennedy Airport whilst in transit from Tunisia to his home in Canada. He was subsequently sent to Syria where he was tortured. A Canadian inquiry has found that he has no connection with terrorism. Add this to similar abductions in Italy and the Balkans and we have a lawless entity of breathtaking proportions roaming the world and threatening the safety of all people. North Korea, even at its very worst could not compete with that. Effectively we are all at the mercy of this terror that can reach any part of the globe and has access to willing clients that will do its horrid bidding.

All that from the self proclaimed beacon of human rights and all that is proper in the conduct affairs of state. Humbug!

Gerard R McEwen
Glandore SA 5037

P.S. I would not be so rude or precipitant as to suggest that "Ross F" is an idiot or even a dingbat. I would, however sugget that he is both rude and ill informed.

Ross F said...

"I would also point out that I am well aware of the past wrongdoings of North Korea."

If you are referring to it as "past wrongdoing" then evidently you are not aware of it. The people they kidnapped remain kidnapped to this day, their abduction is still an ongoing event.

Whilst it certainly awful that an innocent man Maher Arar was the subject of rendition, and I do not support the process for that reason, it would be absurd to suggest that it is comparable to North Korea's actions, let alone far worse as you implied in you original letter.