Thursday, July 27, 2006

Still More Balanced Than Jeremy Bowen.

The superb Egyptian blogger the Sandmonkey highlights how the Arab media works:
"There are times when I am forced to suppress a voice
that rises within me, and which wants me to tell the Israeli
interviewee: shut your mouth, you barefaced liar," says Mai
al-Sharabani, a newscaster on the Al-Arabiya network, in an interview
with Ibrahim Totanji, a reporter for Al-Hayat, the Arabic-language
newspaper published in London.

"The newscaster has to always
be ready to make the Israeli interviewee uncomfortable, to pin him down
in the narrow alleys of his lies," declares al-Sharabani

There's more:
"Newscasters understand the magnitude ofthe responsibility placed on them in interviewing Israelis. Millions of Arabs watch them, waiting to see how we will embarrass them or crush them in an interview." says Mohammed Abu Obeid, another al-Arabiya journalist

In the UK we are lucky because thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded we can learn how Israel destroying bridges are war crimes! Clement Attlee once gave as a definition of Socialism as being "what a Labour government does" the BBC now defines war crimes as "What Israel does."

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