Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time Heals.

How much time has to pass before it becomes acceptable to honour mass murderers? I'm wondering because of this story here:
A festival has begun in Mongolia to honour the nation's most famous emperor, warrior Genghis Khan.
I admit emotionally I don't feel revolted by this in the way that I do when I see some slack jawed socialist wearing a Mao t-shirt or when neo-nazi's march to celebrate Hitler's birthday. However judging by the number of deaths he is responsible for, he was a monster on the same scale as those two. If the Russians, Chinese, Iranians etc have no objection there isn't any harm but it is a little bit disturbing to think that when survivors of the Holocaust die off someone like Hitler might undergo some kind of rehabilitation in the public eye.


aileen said...

Of course many seem to have no problem in glorifying IRA murderers and they didn't wait for their victims (those that the IRA didn't manage to kill) to die

Ross F said...

That is so very true.