Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dodgy Stat Of The Day

According to Time's Healthland column:

In numerical terms, people with red hair are a decided minority. They comprise just 2-6% of the population of the northern hemisphere and 1-2% worldwide.
Given that the Northern Hemisphere has about 90% of the World's population I don't see how if the red menace comprises 2 to 6 % of the North's population they could only comprise 1 to 2% of the total population. even if there were zero gingers in the South.


Mark Wadsworth said...


It's far easier to divide people into "People with black hair and brown eyes" which is about 85% of all people (can be sub-divided by how dark skin is, but ye old Chinese still all have black hair and brown eyes, despite having white skin) and "everybody else".

Out of the "everybody else" group, gingers are indeed a minority (five per cent?) but hey.

James Higham said...

There are far more redheads online.

Anonymous said...

The important thing is when do the red heads get affirmative action , outreach workers and free 15+ ??
we are an minority and endangered species