Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spot The Spin

From some neurological research into brain structure and political leanings:

Scans of 90 students' brains at University College London (UCL) uncovered a "strong correlation" between the thickness of two particular areas of grey matter and an individual's views.
Self-proclaimed right-wingers had a more pronounced amygdala - a primitive part of the brain associated with emotion while their political opponents from the opposite end of the spectrum had thicker anterior cingulates.
See what they did there?


Mr Eugenides said...

Today's Independent were even less subtle in their headline:

Right-wing brains 'different'

See what they did there?

The Young Oligarch said...

According to Wikipedia the anterior cingulates are responsible for Pavlovian conditioning .

They didn't mention that , either .

TDK said...

Presumably they showed that amygdala tends to grow with age while the anterior cingulates get thinner

JuliaM said...

The next step - a 'cure'?