Monday, December 13, 2010

Fair Enough

What could possibly drive someone to detonate themselves in a Swedish street?

Suicide bomber lived in Britain: Islamic fanatic in Stockholm car blast was radicalised while studying in Luton
Ah Luton, enough said.


Yaffle said...

Perhaps some of his fellow radicals could be encouraged to follow his example - go abroad, blow self up, fail to kill anyone else

Bill said...

There is always a British connection to every single terrorist the MSM reports on these days.

JuliaM said...

How long before our country winds up on the US 'Axis of Evil'..?!

Ross said...

Yaffle- I'm OK with the suicide part.

Bill- Makes you proud to be British.

Julia- I think we've been on the list since Barack Obama took office.

James Higham said...

And good that they do blow themselves up - we just have to herd them into an empty field while they do it.

Senior said...

If like the 7/7 bombers he was from West Yorkshire, he may have been more destructive.