Monday, January 17, 2011

Tone Down Your Rhetoric You Bloodthirsty Nazi!

So many other people have written about the bizarre attempts by the media to pin the blame for the Tucson shooting on crazed Tea-Partiers that I can't add much. The repudiation of these theories even by Barack Obama (who would have more reason than most to believe them) and the utter rejection by the public should send the smear merchants away in shame- if they were capable of such an emotion.

However what strikes me is that the likes of the New York Times went full steam ahead even after they've been burnt so many times in the last couple of years trying to find an act of violence to pin on the political right. After the stories about anti-government activists murdering census workers, islamophobes stabbing Muslim taxi drivers and other false stories surely a simple desire not to be humiliated would encourage them to lay off until the facts are better known.

Ironically the only extreme rhetoric on display is on the part of those denouncing their opponents as blood thirst nazi lunatics despite a complete lack of evidence.

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