Saturday, January 01, 2011


Ten punchlines to jokes I heard in 2010:
  1. Yeah, but I can't knit sleeves.
  2. The lead goes limp.
  3. "Shut up Refrigerator"
  4. I can't tell you because you're not a monk.
  5. "No Father, we're just taking a shortcut through the Children's Ward"
  6. Having two legs.
  7. "You are Nissan Main Dealer?"
  8. Because she's red hot and he's well hung.
  9. Gang Rape.
  10. Because she didn't wear a seatbelt


Mark Wadsworth said...

Best punch line I ever heard was "I've just come into some money", told by the second-most fanciable girl at A-level college, and from the way her coterie of friends giggled, we can safely assume that the joke (which I didn't hear) was very smutty.

JuliaM said...

I know no 7 but that's it!

Ross said...

Julia- that's one of only three jokes on the list that is actually in reasonable taste.

I'll tell one of them:

- So as a blind skydiver, when do you know it's time to open the parachute?
- The lead goes limp.

JuliaM said...


Laban said...

Mark's joke is about a shopkeeper who persuades the pretty assistant to pleasure him, then hastily hides his organ in the till drawer as a customer comes in.

Customer : "You're looking very pleased with life today?"

Kevin B said...

Are they really telling thalidomide jokes in 2010?

Ross said...

Kevin B- Afraid so.