Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Foolish Streak.

Streakers at public events are idiots and bores but this is a ridiculous punishment:
A football fan who ran naked across the pitch during a televised Premiership match for a £100 bet has been put on the Sex Offenders Register.
Unemployed Sam Gorman's genitals were clearly on show as he dashed out in front of thousands during the Aston Villa home game against Manchester City.
Aside from the injustice to the idiotic Mr Gorman it undermines the purpose of having a sex offenders register.

I thought the register was there to enable local forces to keep track of people whose predatory behaviour means that they remain a potential danger to the public even if they are free. By diluting the list to include the likes of streakers (even repeat offenders like Mr Gorman) they are making it less useful, because keeping a close tab on every drunken exhibitionist is not going to help solve any sex crimes that will occur in the West Midlands over the next few year.


JuliaM said...


Maybe the intention is to get every male in England on the Register? Next up, man caught short on CCTV...

Ross said...

I think in the USA some men have ended up on the sex offenders register for urinating in public.