Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cause And Effect.

Labour MP Kitty Usher (should any adult really be called 'Kitty') writes in the New Statesman that:
All our efforts since Iraq to persuade British Muslims that our Labour government was not using foreign policy to persecute those of their religion had been undone. The only conclusion is that the Prime Minister thought it was OK for Muslim people to keep dying.
Aside from the fact that if muslims really believe that any foreign policy stance which doesn't involve taking the side of the muslim participant in a crisis means that we just love dead muslims then this a problem for them. Even more unfortunate is the timing of the article coming just a day before we learn that:
BRITISH police have reportedly foiled a plot to smuggle explosive devices in airline hand luggage to blow up planes in mid-flight, according to Sky News in London.
We can safely assume that the plot wasn't hatched since the Lebanon unpleasantness began, so presumably even without the Lebanon war they would still be trying to kill us.

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