Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jew On The Loose Part Two.

In a previous post I noted the obsession Comment Is Free readers had with Maureen Lipman being jewish. In their response to Nick Cohen's (who isn't actually jewish) piece today they have gone completely over the edge:

International bankers have funded both sides in all global and major European wars over the last 200 years. These bankers are almost entirely Jewish. This cartel adopted Zionism as their main tool to divide, rule and advance their power and wealth soon after its invention in the late 1800's. It is fair to say that these international bankers have been Zionist bankers since that time. Look at the history....

...Fractional reserve banking is the greatest scam in history. The Rothschilds invented it and have moved from a position of some limited influence at the court of Prince William of Hanau in Southern Germany in 1760 to (with their small group of allied families) creating the money out of nothing for, and therefore controlling, the vast majority of the governments of the world today. (You think Blair listens to us?)

It is comical to read Mr Cohen complaining of too much money being spent on the wrong thing. The creation of debt is how these people get a stranglehold on everything. Governments WILL do as the bankers desire.

The forces pushing this agenda care not one jot for Jews. They have used and manipulated Jews and established the state of Israel in Palestine in order to create the hatred and the final conflict that will leave the earth on its knees. They will be ready with the financial and political plan to solve it...A One-World Government that will be, obviously, controlled by them. This is the moment when their obscene wealth (which absolutuely dwarfs that of the likes of Bill Gates) will become secure forever.

This is the stand out but quite a few other commenters seem to have jews on the brain:
Afrasiabus- Nasty Nick is just another Israeli Cyber warriors, determined to shift attention form Jewish War crimes being commited in Lebanon.

Agitpapa- So, Nick me old china, you're telling me your namesake Mr. Cohen is no longer a Jew yet he's still a front-line hasbaranik for the Jewish state? Where on earth did you get such a weird notion?
This isn't cherry picking from a huge thread, there are only about twenty comments there at the moment.

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