Friday, January 05, 2007

How Much Is That Doggie In The.... Aggh Get Off!

Following on from my previous post about owners of dangerous dogs being idiots I would like to back up the claim with two pieces of evidence, a news story:
BOSSIER CITY, La. — A pit bull puppy chewed off four of a baby girl's toes while the child's parents slept, police here said Monday.
New born baby, pit bull puppy. The dog was obviously not an animal that predated the baby, they actually decided that after having a baby they should buy a pit bull terrier to go with it! At least one scientific study also backs up the idea that dangerous dogs attract stupid people:
People who own vicious dogs such as pit bulls have significantly more criminal convictions -- including crimes against children -- than owners of licensed, gentler dogs such as beagles, researchers reported on Thursday.

A study of 355 dog owners in Ohio showed that every owner of a high-risk breed known for aggression had at least one brush with the law, from traffic citations to serious criminal convictions.

And 30 percent of people who owned an aggressive breed of dog and who also had been cited at least once for failure to register it had at least five criminal convictions or traffic citations.

This compared to 1 percent of owners of low-risk, licensed dogs such as poodles, beagles or collies, the researchers reported in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence
(second story via Foreign Dispatches)

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