Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ten Worst... British Newspaper Columnists.

What is the point of general purpose newpaper columnists? They are by and large pompous, ill informed and a complete waste of oxygen. If a writer is neither particularly intelligent or a specialist in a particular field why on earth does anyone want to read 800 words of unoriginal reporting? Reporters as opposed to columnists do at least provide fresh information to a subject, even if they do make it up themselves, but these fuckwits just babble idiotically on whatever topic entered their third rate minds on deadline day whether that is Iraq, Big Brother or Llama farming, or if they've got an agenda to advance they try to steer every subject to arrive at the same pre determined conclusion every single week. Wankers the lot of them.

1: Martin Jacques- Guardian.
2: Yasmin Alibiah Brown- Independent.
3: Johann Hari- Independent
4: Polly Toynbee- Guardian
5: Max Hastings- Guardian & Daily Mail.
6: A.N. Wilson- Evening Standard & Daily Telegraph.
7: Madelaine Bunting- Guardian.
8: Phillip Hensher- Independent
9: Sam Leith- Telegraph
10: Gary Younge- Guardian.


Peter said...

Shame you couldn't have slipped Terence Blacker in there, but you were spoilt for choice a bit.

Ross said...

The Independent have only unleashed their columnists from behind the subscription wall recently so I haven't completely familiarised myself with all of them yet. Although looking at his archive I have some sympathy with Blacker because his editors are working him like a carthorse, his output is impressive in terms of quantity if not quality.