Monday, January 29, 2007

X-Ray Imaging.

The Sun reports that-
As part of the most shocking extension of Big Brother powers ever planned here, lenses in lampposts would snap “naked” pictures of passers-by to trap terror suspects.

The proposal is contained in leaked documents drawn up by the Home Office and presented to PM Tony Blair’s working group on Security, Crime and Justice.
Obviously the Sun is shocked, shocked that these might lead to an intrusion into people's privacy, but the more worrying fact to my mind is that five years after 9/11 the government's counter terrorism policy consists of:
  • Put camera in lamp post.
  • Wait for terrorist to show up.

1 comment:

Serf said...

They are just trying to improve the morale of those involved in the war on terror.

Look at pictures of naked people all day and get paid :)