Monday, January 08, 2007

Ruth Kelly And Schooling.

It seems entirely reasonable that Ruth Kelly should want her child to be educated in the school which will be of most benefit to him (especially as someone has been letting sex offenders work in state schools). Outside of the Labour Party it seems obvious that schools are there to educate children, children aren't there to provide employment for teachers and education bureaucrats, but Ruth Kelly is inside the Labour Party so the howls of outrage are predictable. Fiona Miller, best known as being Alistair Campbell's partner writes that:
There must be an interesting "back story" to cabinet minister Ruth Kelly's decision to opt into private education on the grounds of her son's "substantial learning difficulties".

Too many questions remain unanswered - how severe are the child's special needs; does he have a statement; was her decision to take him out of his state primary school really with the local authority's blessing; was the provision in her local authority really not good enough?
The reason 'questons remain unanswered' is of course that unlike Ms Miller most people realise that they have no right asking such personal and intrusive questions about a child in the first place. Seeing as Fiona Miller's alcholic partner famously leaked patients' private medical records to the press in order to score political points it is perhaps unsurprising that the harridan takes this attitude to privacy.

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