Saturday, March 24, 2007

Careers Advice- Don't Teach In Nigeria.

Oluwatoyin Oluwasesan had allegedly collected books from her students before they were to write an exam and tossed them outside of the classroom. A copy of the Koran was apparently among the texts, sparking uproar by the pupils, Nigeria's This Day newspaper said.....
.....According to police, the students beat the teacher to death, although This Day said she and parts of the school were set on fire. Schools in the area, in the northeastern town of Gombe, were shut down to prevent any outbreak of violence.
The most striking aspect of this story is that it demonstrates just how deeply murderous religious intolerance is in some islamic societies. The murderers here don't appear to have been egged on by outside forces, rather their spontaneous reaction for something as trivial as a book being mishandled is to kill a defenceless woman.


james higham said...

I take the point and you'd see from my blog my views on certain elements and yet ... the woman seemed pretty unfeeling herself. As a former head, she'd hae been out on her ear for that.

Ross F said...

{ the woman seemed pretty unfeeling herself. )

The word 'tossed' is pretty vague, especially as these incidents are usually based on exaggerated or non existant slights.