Thursday, March 15, 2007

Infidel Or Apostate?

Vacuous US presidential candidate Barack Obama has denied stories that he was once a muslim, as well as a previous claim that he used to attend a madrassa. Actually his denial of the former claim is more nuanced, he denies having been a practising muslim. It certainly seems unfair to bring it up as he is clearly not any kind of muslim now and I believe that most voters don't care if he once attended a mosque although in the USA they do seem rather keener of current religious affiliations than we are over here. Of course their may be a more pressing reason for him to deny that he was ever a muslim, namely that this means that he technically an apostate, a 'crime' liable for the death penalty in the eyes of islamist fanatics, that is more death than general infideling warrants. Obama's behaviour may be more an act of self preservation than politics.

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